Dryer Maintenance

rocky mountain appliance parts dryer maintenance

Here are some easy tips on how to keep your Dryer trouble-free.

Lint. Periodically check for lint buildup in the ductwork that goes from the dryer to the exterior. This can sometimes be a long run through drywall, etc.. Lint will build up in this section quickly, and will need to be removed periodically. Also check to make sure lint did not fall from the lint screen into the blower.

Noise. As soon as you hear any noise out of the ordinary check the tensioner (idler) pulley and the support rollers. Some model dryers instead have plastic glides that may have worn out. Not taking care of any suspicious noise will cause problems down the line.

Belt. The belt will usually last a very long time, but, as with all things, eventually it will weaken and break. Periodically check for cracking or shiny spots on the rubber side of the belt.

Heating element. Check periodically for signs of lint buildup by the heating element. This is a fire hazard. Also check to make sure the heating element coils are not too close to, or touching, the surrounding metal. This could cause a dryer to overheat. Eventually a heating element will break, but there is no real way to foresee when that will occur. A dryer heating element, like an incandescent light bulb, will work fine right up until the coil burns through.

Power cord. Inspect the cord and terminal block periodically. Repeated vibrations or movements could cause the insulating cover to wear down and expose the metal that conducts electricity. Electric shock could result. Also, if the connections in the terminal block are not tight, or the crimp of the connectors is failing, there will be signs of overheating, or maybe even melting or charring.