What’s your return policy?

All sales are usually final unless it is a damaged part or the supplier sent the wrong part. Special order parts can not be returned.

Where will I get my part for my appliance?

There is a huge inventory of parts in stock in the store. A special order part will get shipped to the store and you will be able to pick it up there.

For more information on where we are located click the link: https://www.rockymountainapplianceparts.com/contact

When will my part be ready to pick up?

Most will be in in 24 hours. Our sales manager will give you a call as soon as we get the part in stock.

Will you tell me exactly what is wrong with my appliance?

No. We will try to help you troubleshoot, and/or indicate which parts you could test, but at the end diagnosis and tracking down the fault will be up to you, the DIYer.

If I install a part and it doesn't fix the appliance, can I return it and try another part?

Sadly no. Once a part has been installed it is not returnable.

Will you charge for advice on repairs?

Never. Advice on repairs is freely given to help you diagnose what is wrong with your appliance.

Have any more questions?

Give us a call at (719) 638-8870 or come into the store located in 3919 Palmer Park Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80909 and we will be able to help you with any other questions you have.