Save Money: Refrigerator Tips

red refrigerator

Happy New Year!
For the new year here are a few tips to save money and avoid problems with your refrigerator:
*Change the water filter. After a while sediment can limit the water flow through you refrigerator's water filter and reduce the amount your dispenser supplies. The interior of the water filter will not work indefinitely; Eventually it reaches a point of saturation where it can no longer absorb impurities and might be susceptible to buildup of harmful bacteria.
*Check the water lines. If your refrigerator has an ice maker or water dispenser, then periodically check the water supply lines for damage and deterioration. Doing this may help avoiding an unwanted rupture and flooding.
*Keep dust off the condenser. Inside of the compressor compartment dust is quick to build up. Having a lot of dust on the condenser coils can keep heat from being dispersed, making the compressor work much harder to keep the refrigerator cool. From time to time pull out the refrigerator and vaccuum or brush the dust out. Remember to unplug the unit to avoid electrical hazards, and, if present, be careful with water lines.

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