Stovetop Spiral Burner

spiral burner

Did you know? On an electric range it's not very common for a spiral surface burner to give out. Usually the problem turns out to be either the receptacle the burner plugs into, or the switch that controls the burner. The burner itself is something you can check with a multimeter. Testing the two leads of the burner should show continuity. Another way to easily test the spiral burner is by plugging it into one of the other burner spots that does work.
Replacement receptacles are inexpensive and install easily. Replacing a control switch is also relatively simple, but you want to be certain the replacement part controls the same amount of amperage... Not all infinite switches are the same!
As always: SAFETY FIRST. Always double check that the appliance is unplugged, etc., metal internal parts can be razor sharp, and always use the right tool for the job at hand.